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Lastly, reform will provide every American with some fundamental shopper protections that will finally maintain insurance corporations accountable. A 2007 national survey truly reveals that insurance coverage companies discriminated in opposition to more than 12 million Americans within the previous three years as a result of that they had a pre-current sickness or condition. The firms either refused to cowl the particular person, refused to cowl a selected sickness or situation or charged a higher premium.

Good hub.Certainly, I would say that you have some justification in case you are talking about the UK – there are some things there that I am not happy with, particularly the corporate lifestyle. Greece is a legislation unto itself – they do not like to be told what to do. Tax evasion is an artform, though Greeks fortunately pay medical insurance – it isn’t a lot of money. I have quite a lot of freedom here – the Greeks will, quite literaly, burn down the parliament if the federal government makes an attempt to infringe upon rights!

We are older Canadians (snowbirds) and we just went via the annual hassle of discovering emergency medical insurance protection for the winter in Mexico and a couple weeks in the US. Even the very best of the policies leave us wondering if we’re just throwing our cash away. Oh, and our coverage is 1,000 deductible. It isn’t any surprise that so many retirees are heading to Mexico, Costa Rica and even the Philippines.

In the coming weeks, the cynics and the naysayers will continue to exploit fear and considerations for political achieve. But for all the scare ways out there, what’s really scary — really risky — is the prospect of doing nothing. If we maintain the status quo, we are going to proceed to see 14,000 Americans lose their health insurance daily. Premiums will proceed to skyrocket. Our deficit will continue to grow. And insurance coverage companies will proceed to revenue by discriminating against sick individuals.