Doctor Education

Physician education students can study basic general medical science, basic medical science clinics, medical science, surgical sciences, and public health sciences. Students of this majors are well-known for their busy lab work schedule. Doctors’ textbooks are also thick, in a foreign language too. Thus, the persistence and mastery of foreign languages became the main capital of medical students. In addition, medical students must be able to memorize and understand the material they learn.

In order to become a successful doctor, medical students “banned” antipathy. You see, doctors will encounter various types of diseases, ranging from mild to malignant. Medical students will also learn about the human anatomy using a corpse (cadaver). In addition to practicing as a doctor at a health center or hospital, medical graduates can also become doctors in companies and armies. If interested, can also continue specialist education, become a lecturer or a sports doctor.

Veterinary Medicine

Animals also need doctors, by becoming Veterinary students, you will learn astronomy and animal diseases, artificial reproduction and insemination, veterinary public health and animal health care. Want to be a successful veterinarian? Master the first zoology and organic chemistry botany. The basic capital of being a good veterinarian is a love affection for animals. Veterinary students must also have a good memory, thorough, diligent and not easily disgusted. Upon graduation, veterinary scholars can work in areas such as farming, commerce, researchers and teachers.


In this study you will learn biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, pharmacy, internal medicine, surgery, nerves, soul, skin, and others. In addition to progressive insight, Dentistry students must also have a talent in biological and chemical sciences. Various health institutions and hospitals can be a place of dentists’ careers. Many dentists also practice at home and become lecturers.

Public health

Public Health students will learn about hospital management as well as prevention of community diseases through various extension services. To deepen this field one must have a pioneering soul. Public Health graduates have bright career prospects. In addition to working in hospitals and various health agencies, lecturers can always be a timeless choice of profession.

What is health science? Health sciences is an applied science that studies the health of humans and animals alike, which is related to efforts to be healthy or to cure a disease. The benefits gained from learning health science is not just for themselves or those who study it, but also can provide benefits to others around him. Lots of benefits we get from studying health sciences, but according to health experts from UNESCO, there are four main benefits of studying health sciences, namely:

1. Learn to know

Learn to know the meaning that we study the science of health to broaden the horizons and also our knowledge in the field of health. With the importance of maintaining health through healthy living. And also help us to be able to take preventive measures to avoid various diseases, because we know the science of prevention of a disease.

2. Learn to do

Learning to do what it means that someone who has studied the science of health in the end will also learn to do something useful for the health of our bodies and for others. Or to do something that can cure diseases that we or others experience. For example, when someone knows the science of health about the importance of eating vegetables and fruits every day, then the person then apply a healthy diet, with regular eating fruits and vegetables every day.

3. Learn to be

Learning to be the point is to learn to be a useful person in the health field for the people around us. Examples are those who work in the field of health, such as doctors, midwives, nurses, including the Studied science of health, health scientists, and others.

4. Learn to live together

By learning the science of health, we will learn to help each other. Where health services are part of social activities. So should not be oriented to profit or material gain alone. Health services can not be equated with other businesses or jobs, such as trade in goods.