Hasil gambar untuk wanita tidur nyenyak

Do not underestimate the problem of sleep, because the east is able to support fitness and our vitality. Sleeping indiscriminately is a bad habit. Not infrequently various tasks make people work until they forget time and pay less attention to their sleep. Though sleep is very important. So it knows 6 functions and benefits of sleep enough for the health of the body.

Functions and Benefits of Sleep for health


Increase endurance, memory, creativity, self-awareness, and concentration.

repair of neurons in the cerebral cortex of the brain occurs during sleep. This can improve ourselves and improve our memory and concentration. In addition, quality sleep on the day can optimize body detoxification. This body detox occurs mainly in the liver by forming amino gluthathione as an antioxidant that neutralizes oxidative stress and free radicals. Detoxification of the liver occurs optimally when we reach a good night’s sleep. The mechanism is closely related to the production of antioxidants as neutralizing toxins.

Improve metabolism

Sleep can improve the body’s metabolism, if a person lacks sleep, the metabolism will slow down so that his body uses less energy. During sleep, a person breaks some organs. Energy use decreases by 15-20%, as does oxygen consumption. Left behind from sleeping one night slows down the body’s metabolism the next morning, reducing energy expenditure for a number of jobs such as breathing and digesting 5-20% in Bandung with people who sleep enough. In other words, sleep contributes to regulating human energy expenditure during the day. Thus the results of a study of researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden.

Brighten Skin

Sleep is also good for beauty. This activity can relax blood vessels and expedite blood flow so the skin gets brighter. The constricting blood vessels can reduce the blood supply that is pumped to the whole body causing the skin to lose natural moisture. If the skin’s natural moisture decreases, the skin will appear more dull. Therefore, always try to sleep we are safe and sound.

Lose weight

When we sleep we need energy. Energy is used to help metabolism and brain activity. Even the highest metabolic activity during sleep. This activity will burn calories in the body. People who are sleep deprived will experience stress, while stressed people tend to eat unhealthy foods. This disrupts the regulation of sugar levels in the body so that it can cause obesity and even diabetes. In addition, if sleep is often disturbed, high blood pressure and heart failure will lurk us.

Repair damaged cells

When we are awake we are naturally active. The body also burns oxygen and food that provides energy. The activity uses a living cell network so that damage will occur to the network. Sleep aiming to repair the damage. We depend on the body to continuously produce the protein needed to replace the burden that has been carried out in the body’s tissues. During sleep, the body absorbs and synifies damaged cells with new ones and waste and dirty vapors that occur are disposed of. Sleep deprivation results in various effects on metabolism, inflammation, endurance and stress causing the body to be less effective in producing protein.

Increase Energy

After getting enough sleep and quality, we will feel the body come back fresh. Energy and vitality increase and the mood is better. Lack of quality and quantity of sleep can interfere with the balance of sleep system balance so that the lost energy will be greater.

Dangers and Effects of Sleep Deprivation for Health

– Can reduce focus and concentration

– Causes heart disease

– High blood pressure

– Stroke even diabetes

– Often stressed

– Frequent anger is not clear

– often moody

– The skin looks pale, dull and smooth wrinkles arise

– Swollen eyes

– Forgetful

– Obesity


Hopefully the function articles, the benefits of sleep for our health provide benefits for all.