There’s more to therapy than sitting on a couch. As per what it means to speak to a mental health professional, there are several misconceptions that are believed by people. There is still a stigma attached to the fact that you can talk about your emotions to someone. In fact, this is the reason behind people not seeking help of a therapist. Research reveals that it is incredibly helpful to seek help of a therapist to address the issue. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons behind seeking help of a therapist.

#1: You’re witnessing mood swings with no reason

In case you think you are having a negative mood disorder and it seems to be persistent, it’s time you talk to someone. This is a sign of mental health issue and a therapist can be the best choice who can move into the root of the problem. You’ll get the opportunity to open up about your feelings, thoughts and circumstances. You will start feeling more comfortable.

#2: There’s a big change that you’re facing

The change could be in your career or you might be moving into a new family or a different country altogether. Such new ventures can often become challenging and if you fail to identify your goals and achieve them, seek help of a counselor who can help you with distressing.

#3: You’re getting harmful thoughts

Self-harm and suicides are preventable with treatment through a licensed professional. In case you’re planning to hurt yourself, you should immediately seek help of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline where the counselors can assist you.

#4: You’re feeling alone or isolated

There are many people who deal with mental health issues and who feel like they’re dealing alone with their experience. During such situations, group therapies can help instead of taking medications. The feeling of loneliness or the feeling of isolation is something which needs to be treated.

#5: You’re using any substance to cope with life’s problems

In case you find yourself taking resort to some substance like alcohol or drugs, it’s high time you reach out to a counselor. Substance abuse and addiction are two of the most common reasons to seek help of a therapist as these can become fatal in the long run.

So, which of these situations are you going through? When should you seek help? Take into account the above listed reasons to take resort to a counselor or you may even check out to know more.